The Saddest Words I’ve Ever Heard

January 10th, 2011 Posted by dave

Get ReadySome of the saddest words I have ever heard are “I meant to…” or “I was going to…”
“I meant to learn CPR, but just never found the time.” “I was going to lock the medicine cabinet, but…” “I meant to review my training so I would know how help that patient…” “I was going to check my fire extinguishers…”

Working in the medical and trauma counseling communities over the years, I have heard many heartbreaking stories that started with phrases like these. Many good intentions that were never followed through on have led to incredible tragedies.

The good news is you can learn CPR in half a day. You can develop a family emergency plan in a few hours. You can get podcasts and audiobooks on any of these subjects that you can listen to on your commute.

The time to learn is now. The time to prepare is now. If you don’t know something now, you won’t know it when you need it. You can’t study CPR while someone is having a heart attack. It’s not smart to wait to install an escape ladder until your house is burning. It’s negligent to postpone practicing patient assessment until you have one in front of you.

Here are some resources to start with. You should also contact your local health or fire department for information specific to your community. Let us know if you’d like more help. We’re here to serve.

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