2011 RescueNet US Training Course

October 11th, 2011 Posted by Tyler

Tyler Dean teaching on "Intro to Disasters" on the first day of the RescueNet Training Course here in Salem, OR


This year’s training is significant.  We have a relatively small class but a wide range of skills, focus’, and passion.  The abilities consist of EMTs, search & rescue volunteers, firefighters, and people who want to have the opportunity to simply use their hands for the glory of God, wherever they are in life. Not only are we excited about the students, but the PP1’s (new RescueNet staff) are a solid group of people. We have a total of  20 people in class today.  This year Dave Mansfield, our National Coordinator for RescueNet US, has handed off a lot of the teachings to the PP1’s and so far (Day 3), every teaching has been spot on with the goal of this training.

We are very excited for the remainder of the training course and really want the students to be able to retain as much as possible throughout the two weeks. Please pray for the energy level and cognitive skills of everyone here.

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