Philippines Nov 17/13

November 18th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

This morning the team were meeting with the mayor and his staff who they communicate with daily. Most of the people they met with had already been working very hard from the start. The team said it was a beautiful and emotional time to see how the mayor encouraged his people to rise up to the enormous challenges ahead of them.
He shared information about the aid provided already in Tanauan. Currently there is 3,500 big sacs of food (rice and cans of corned beef) given out daily to 10,500 families living there. He also shared that in his community 1,200 people were confirmed dead and buried while another 800 are still missing. More and more organizations are sending assessment teams to the town and many media are sticking their heads and camera’s around the corner of the clinic.  The place is full of life and buzzing all day with all sorts of coordinating and communications.

They were hoping to start with a ‘mobile’ clinic today, reaching deeper into various parts of the town to provide opportunity for medical care to people who are not mobile. But unfortunately they couldn’t get transportation arranged and therefore the majority of the team stayed at the town hall clinic. They are busy in the clinic most days treating about 50 to 60 patients and many children. Often the wounds are big cuts from debris, for example metal roofing that was flying around during the typhoon. However the past few days there has also been ‘fresh’ wounds being treated, from people who have been having accidents while fixing up their houses.
Today they treated a 3 year old boy who came in with a big cut under his foot from stepping into glass. This they had to stitch together and they will see in the next day or two how it is healing. The team say they are thankful for each person they can help. Sometimes they are able to encourage people through a conversation and when they feel it is appropriate sometimes offer prayer, which many people really appreciate. The people see and acknowledge that our team are genuinely concerned about their whole well being.

Three of the team members also went out to one of the neighbourhoods at the edge of town, in a more rural setting, to do body recovery. They got assistance from military personnel (13 guys) and some local people. This particular poor community had only lost 5 people, amazingly, but many bodies had floated in from town. And since it took time for the water to reside in that swampy region, it is only now becoming more clear where bodies are laying. Today they were able to recover six bodies. But it is likely this is a need they will respond to again tomorrow.

We also have two other RescueNet members joining the team tomorrow morning. The team say they are still loving the challenge and opportunity to bless this nation and through it bring joy to Gods heart. Here is a link to NBC news footage of our team hard at work!

We are also still in need of donations to cover the cost of the deployment, we are a 1/8th of the way to cover the costs for the team.  The goal is to raise $41,500, which will cover the whole teams expenses. So please pray and if you can, go to our homepage and click DONATE NOW! Thanks heaps for all your prayers and support

Philippines Nov 16/13

November 16th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

Today the team split for a few hours and sent 5 people to Tacloban city to attend the United Nations Cluster meeting. The purpose was to connect with various key agencies in areas of communication, health and logistics. They have made some beautiful connections.

Dick was just on a local radio program, sharing what they are doing, who we are and what motivates us to be there. In the meantime the team back in Tanauan continued working in the clinic.

Some of the rain showers have cause some challenges with water coming in most rooms they are using for the clinic. Yesterday they worked alongside the locals to put even more tarps up on roofs.

Gerko and Dick joined with a body recovery team from Manilla and some military personnel to recover a body from the river.

They will keep looking for ways to serve and connect with the community. They have noticed that people do receive some sort of strength and hope from our presence here. The Philippine people are very gentle and kind. They also express gratitude to all forreign relief workers. Many victims they treat in our clinic have lost family members. Yesterday they helped a lady (56 yrs old) with a big wound on her head. She had lost 9 family members, including her husband, kids and three grand kids. They were able to minister to her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. One of many moments we just know God cares and comforts His children.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.  To donate to help pay for the medical and survival supplies they are buying please go to our homepage and click DONATE NOW they have to spend quite a bit on supplies and they still need much more.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Philippines Nov 15/13 Part two

November 15th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

The team is doing very well.  They have been busy helping with a hospital that has been set up in the Town Hall in Tanauan.  The first floor of the town hall hospital is set up as a triage area and primary health care.  There has been plenty of wound care needed including some deep wounds from flying debris.  There has been 12 babies born in the town hall hospital, 2 of which were done by c-section.

They have also been busy trying to put tarps up on buildings especially since its been raining which makes it hard to do work inside buildings when they are getting rained on.

They have had a few news teams stop by which will hopefully help get the word out of the desperate need of the area.

Today a few from the team were also involved in body recovery out of the river.

The team feels blessed to be working alongside many great people and groups.

Click here to see a second news report of Mammoth Medical Group that the team worked with showing the town hall hospital they are working at.

Please keep them in your prayers and please pray about donating to help cover the teams expenses.


Philippines Nov 15/13

November 15th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

The team is doing very well and are being kept very busy.  They are in a town called Tanauan which is about a 45 minute drive south of Tacloban.   They have a secure house that they are sleeping at.

According to some news reports Tanauan could be the worst hit town in the typhoon. An NBC report states, “the town of Tanauan, devastated by the typhoon, is almost gone – yet it is a place that has escaped the world’s attention. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman arrived in the region and found a group of American doctors from Mammoth Medical Missions who have been working nonstop, using desks as operating tables.”

To see footage of the town, and of the work being done by the doctors mentioned above,click on this link. It is not footage of the RescueNet team but it gives you a picture of where the team is now located and the medical needs that they are facing.

We are working on getting a few more members to them to help more. We are also continuing our fundraising efforts to try to cover expenses for supplies for the team.  If you can help please click DONATE NOW on our homepage.




Philippines – Nov 14/13

November 14th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

The team arrived in Tacloban and are going to TANAUAN (with the Philippines police) where they will be living in a secure military area.  An army medical hospital will be set up there and our team will be helping by doing medical work in that hospital.  They are also looking into sending out smaller groups to villages to bring aid.

They said that during the Typhoon the water had been so high in Tacloban that it was only the leaves and coconuts that could be seen in the coconut trees!!!!!

Communications out of Tacloban are very limited but we will continue to keep this blog and our Facebook and Twitter updated as we hear news from the team.

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Philippines Nov 13/13

November 13th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

Thanks to the Air Force half of the team have flown from Cebu to Tacloban.   Tacloban airport had some damage and flights are limited to military use only at the moment so it is great that we were able to get a ride.  The team arrived safe and are in the process of connecting with the current relief organisations on ground.  The rest of the team will be catching another flight over to Tacloban within the next 24 hours.

The major needs reported for this area are food, water, and medical.  We have many medical professionals on our team so will hopefully be able to offer our services.  At this point we are finding out where we can best serve.  Some locals have been reported to be digging up water pipes in hope of finding water.

We are approaching the time when disease can start spreading – please be praying for protection of people from disease and that there would be no secondary casualties due to disease.

The team is feeling a little tired but overall strong and ready to serve and help.  There is still a great need for funding for the team if you’d like to donate please click DONATE NOW on our homepage.

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Philippines – Nov 12/13

November 12th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen
Deployed team to Philippines.  A few more people are still to join up with them.

Deployed team to Philippines. A few more people are still to join up with them.

The team has safely arrived in Cebu.  A few more members will join them tomorrow and even a few more next week.  Please continue to pray for them as they get connected in with the relief efforts.

The RescueNet team arrived around midnight (local time). For most of the 14 RN members who travelled a long day yesterday it was great to have a good bed and welcoming place to crash for the night.
This morning they distributed the various team roles and the rest of today is very busy with preparations; sorting out medical supplies, collecting stuff the team still needs, getting all systems in place which will be key for our time in the disaster region.
Right now they are in Cebu which is still a few hours travelling away (by car) from the disaster. They expect to decide on ‘where to go’ before the end of today, after they have gathered more information from key officials and other sources. It’s their aim to travel to the disaster area tomorrow and start our actual relief work.
All this they do prayerfully, trusting God that He will lead them to the right place.
A few more fellow workers will still be joining the team later today and the next days.
Thanks for your prayers and support.

Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan – Nov 11/13

November 11th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

This past weekend the Philippines was hit by a “Super Typhoon”.  Numbers are still coming in but it looks like there was massive amounts of damage and thousands of lives lost.

We, as RescueNet, have deployed a team that are currently en route to the Philippines.  We have team members from around the world who have dropped everything to go and help those in need.

As the team arrives in the Philippines and we get more information we will update this blog to keep you up to date.  Please check here regularly for updates.

If you are interested in donating to relief efforts please click DONATE NOW on on home page.

Thank you all for your prayers for the team as they travel.

Oklahoma, 1st June

June 1st, 2013 Posted by dave

So our remaining team members arrived safely to their new location last night, and after reassessing decided they were best to finish the deployment as planned. So deployment is now officially finished. Our two last team members will be leaving this afternoon for home.
Thank you for following the posts, and supporting our team in prayers and finances. It  has been greatly appreciated, and blessing to all of us.

Again Many Thanks


Oklahoma, May 31st

May 31st, 2013 Posted by dave

Today the team began leaving with 2 member’s already on their way home, and the other 2 supposed to be leaving tomorrow afternoon. But around 3:15pm there were new alerts and warnings going out for potentially more tornado’s hitting Oklahoma. On one weather site it announced there was yet another storm heading towards the outskirts of Oklahoma city. The weather forecast said it was a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) for tornadoes and highlighted significant severe weather likely, to leave work as soon as they could for safety, and storms believed to develop after 4pm. We then had reports one twister was on the ground, not longer after followed with reports of 3 tornados on the ground, and strong hail in the area heading towards Oklahoma City. Some of the tornado’s hit rush hour west of Oklahoma city and there are already reports of casualties and damage done.

Most of the team had already packed up and left and two members were still in the area about 120 miles from Oklahoma City, safe with access to shelter, and ready to re-deploy if needed. They are currently moving to a more safer place, and will be reassessing as they go. They will probably be standing down, but worse case scenario they will redeploy from their safe location tomorrow. Please pray for continued safety, wisdom and guidance for this time.

Many thanks!!!