Philippines Nov 15/13

November 15th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

The team is doing very well and are being kept very busy.  They are in a town called Tanauan which is about a 45 minute drive south of Tacloban.   They have a secure house that they are sleeping at.

According to some news reports Tanauan could be the worst hit town in the typhoon. An NBC report states, “the town of Tanauan, devastated by the typhoon, is almost gone – yet it is a place that has escaped the world’s attention. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman arrived in the region and found a group of American doctors from Mammoth Medical Missions who have been working nonstop, using desks as operating tables.”

To see footage of the town, and of the work being done by the doctors mentioned above,click on this link. It is not footage of the RescueNet team but it gives you a picture of where the team is now located and the medical needs that they are facing.

We are working on getting a few more members to them to help more. We are also continuing our fundraising efforts to try to cover expenses for supplies for the team.  If you can help please click DONATE NOW on our homepage.




Philippines – Nov 14/13

November 14th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

The team arrived in Tacloban and are going to TANAUAN (with the Philippines police) where they will be living in a secure military area.  An army medical hospital will be set up there and our team will be helping by doing medical work in that hospital.  They are also looking into sending out smaller groups to villages to bring aid.

They said that during the Typhoon the water had been so high in Tacloban that it was only the leaves and coconuts that could be seen in the coconut trees!!!!!

Communications out of Tacloban are very limited but we will continue to keep this blog and our Facebook and Twitter updated as we hear news from the team.

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Philippines Nov 13/13

November 13th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

Thanks to the Air Force half of the team have flown from Cebu to Tacloban.   Tacloban airport had some damage and flights are limited to military use only at the moment so it is great that we were able to get a ride.  The team arrived safe and are in the process of connecting with the current relief organisations on ground.  The rest of the team will be catching another flight over to Tacloban within the next 24 hours.

The major needs reported for this area are food, water, and medical.  We have many medical professionals on our team so will hopefully be able to offer our services.  At this point we are finding out where we can best serve.  Some locals have been reported to be digging up water pipes in hope of finding water.

We are approaching the time when disease can start spreading – please be praying for protection of people from disease and that there would be no secondary casualties due to disease.

The team is feeling a little tired but overall strong and ready to serve and help.  There is still a great need for funding for the team if you’d like to donate please click DONATE NOW on our homepage.

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Philippines – Nov 12/13

November 12th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen
Deployed team to Philippines.  A few more people are still to join up with them.

Deployed team to Philippines. A few more people are still to join up with them.

The team has safely arrived in Cebu.  A few more members will join them tomorrow and even a few more next week.  Please continue to pray for them as they get connected in with the relief efforts.

The RescueNet team arrived around midnight (local time). For most of the 14 RN members who travelled a long day yesterday it was great to have a good bed and welcoming place to crash for the night.
This morning they distributed the various team roles and the rest of today is very busy with preparations; sorting out medical supplies, collecting stuff the team still needs, getting all systems in place which will be key for our time in the disaster region.
Right now they are in Cebu which is still a few hours travelling away (by car) from the disaster. They expect to decide on ‘where to go’ before the end of today, after they have gathered more information from key officials and other sources. It’s their aim to travel to the disaster area tomorrow and start our actual relief work.
All this they do prayerfully, trusting God that He will lead them to the right place.
A few more fellow workers will still be joining the team later today and the next days.
Thanks for your prayers and support.

Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan – Nov 11/13

November 11th, 2013 Posted by Erika Jensen

This past weekend the Philippines was hit by a “Super Typhoon”.  Numbers are still coming in but it looks like there was massive amounts of damage and thousands of lives lost.

We, as RescueNet, have deployed a team that are currently en route to the Philippines.  We have team members from around the world who have dropped everything to go and help those in need.

As the team arrives in the Philippines and we get more information we will update this blog to keep you up to date.  Please check here regularly for updates.

If you are interested in donating to relief efforts please click DONATE NOW on on home page.

Thank you all for your prayers for the team as they travel.

Oklahoma, 1st June

June 1st, 2013 Posted by dave

So our remaining team members arrived safely to their new location last night, and after reassessing decided they were best to finish the deployment as planned. So deployment is now officially finished. Our two last team members will be leaving this afternoon for home.
Thank you for following the posts, and supporting our team in prayers and finances. It  has been greatly appreciated, and blessing to all of us.

Again Many Thanks


Oklahoma, May 31st

May 31st, 2013 Posted by dave

Today the team began leaving with 2 member’s already on their way home, and the other 2 supposed to be leaving tomorrow afternoon. But around 3:15pm there were new alerts and warnings going out for potentially more tornado’s hitting Oklahoma. On one weather site it announced there was yet another storm heading towards the outskirts of Oklahoma city. The weather forecast said it was a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) for tornadoes and highlighted significant severe weather likely, to leave work as soon as they could for safety, and storms believed to develop after 4pm. We then had reports one twister was on the ground, not longer after followed with reports of 3 tornados on the ground, and strong hail in the area heading towards Oklahoma City. Some of the tornado’s hit rush hour west of Oklahoma city and there are already reports of casualties and damage done.

Most of the team had already packed up and left and two members were still in the area about 120 miles from Oklahoma City, safe with access to shelter, and ready to re-deploy if needed. They are currently moving to a more safer place, and will be reassessing as they go. They will probably be standing down, but worse case scenario they will redeploy from their safe location tomorrow. Please pray for continued safety, wisdom and guidance for this time.

Many thanks!!!



Oklahoma, May 29th

May 31st, 2013 Posted by dave

The team at the Church

Wow what a journey, its crazy how fast the times gone! So today was the teams last day in the field for deployment, and they went back to their friends at the church in McLoud. They decided to pitch in where ever they could, as it was their last day and they wanted to bless them as best as they could. After a few runs out to do some practical work, they soon found that the jobs were already being covered by others. Multiple teams were spread out over the area, completing various jobs or preparing the debris for removal by heavy machinery. It showed that things were steadily moving into recovery/rebuilding phase. So after checking on the houses they were assigned to and meeting some of the locals, including a pack of dogs that surrounded Dave, they came back to the base to help out with unloading trailers of donations and any other odd jobs they could find. By midday they started to see that there wasn’t a lot of things to do and that their time was better used for preparing to depart. So they sorted and packed up their gear and cleaned up the place where they were staying. They could see their church was in a good place and our support was no longer needed. So they began preparing to leave and saying their farewells.

However right before they left, they received warnings that the weather had turned really bad and severe thunderstorms were heading their way, with a tornado hitting the ground about 20 miles from their location. So they jumped in the van and headed home to relative safety in Shawnee. Thankfully the brunt of the storm did not hit their area and the couple of tornados that did touch down dissipated or went back up into the cloud bank.  So after a few hours of packing and cleaning up – and monitoring weather reports – the weather settled down enough for them to get get outside and go out for dinner for the last time as a team. It gave them a good chance to talk over their experiences again, the highs and lows, and ideas and for future deployments. Then they went home for more packing.

A pastor of a local church they had been working with rang up to share a testimony with them. A lady who had received help, cleaning and clearing debris from a group of volunteers, called to thank the church for sending the workers. She said “There was one team amongst the group, from Sweden and Australia and elsewhere. They came in and took care of me, just me personally, and it really touched me”. Because of this positive encounter with the RescueNet team she arranged for the church to receive an extra semi-trailer of donated supplies to show her appreciation. This testimony was an encouragement to all the team.

The team said to say “Thank you to all who have been following our reports and standing with us in prayer, finances and encouragement. It means a lot to us to have you along with us for the deployment.”

Many thanks!!!



Oklahoma, May 29th

May 30th, 2013 Posted by dave

Today the team was able to join with a fire fighting team from Los Angeles to assess the damage of another property and help with more debris removal. It took a while to actually find the property, due to them being on the wrong side of the street. But this was an easy mistake as the only evidence of dwelling on the other side was a letter box, all the rest was was gone, debris strewn everywhere and a collapsed mobile home on the edge of a gully. They soon realized it would take heavy machinery to deal with this clean up.

The team

After that they returned back to base and took some time to debrief the deployment as a team. It was good for them to talk over the the different things they had done, what they had learned, their experiences and things they would do differently in the future. This was Rhoda’s last day who flew back today. So after debrief it was off to the airport to say goodbye to Rhoda but also arrange changing tickets for Ans. Thanks to many prayers and the generous people at United Airlines, Ans was able to change her flight tickets free of charge!

Later in the afternoon at the church it was time for more heavy lifting. They helped a bunch of people from the church unload a semi trailer full of donated food items, baby items (millions of diapers!), bedding tools, water (billions of bottles!) and much more. Eliza described it as “a bit wild at first, like ants going everywhere, but Dave quickly got us organized and we formed a very speedy line passing boxes of donations from the truck all the way to the store rooms”. They were trying to beat the weather as the clouds and rain began rolling in, and just as they were losing strength a team of strapping young lads arrived to sub in for them. Thankfully they got everything squared away before the rain set in.

Dave helping unload the semi trailer

Before they left to head home they quickly met as a team to prepare for the chance of severe weather hitting the area in the evening. The whole area was on alert for severe thunder storms, hail stones and possible tornados, so they thought they better prepare themselves for whatever came. They packed “bug out” bags (inspired by Rhoda), a collection of essentials they would keep with them throughout the evening. Each pack contained some food, rain protection/shelter, water, flashlight and a few other survival items. So far the weather has been pretty tame in their area but please keep the team and residents of Oklahoma in your prayers as the storm moves through.

Over the last couple of days they’ve been trying to work out when’s best to leave, and after much prayer and communication decided the end of the week would be best. So they are spending their last two days in which they will return one last time to friends in McLoud. They hope to get a lot done still and finish by being a huge blessing! Then part of the team will return home Friday, followed by the other half who will leave via Dallas, Texas, on Saturday. Please continue to pray for them, and the remaining finances still needed. If you would like to help you can donate via the link below:

Many thanks!!!



Oklahoma, May 28th

May 29th, 2013 Posted by dave

Destruction in Moore

Today as the team were in Moore and drove around some of the worst affected areas, they described the scenes as graphic, they could really see the destructive power of the tornado. As they passed by the theatre/mall complex they were shocked at many of the sights, brute force that could turn thin pieces of plywood into projectiles that pierced deep into solid concrete walls, cars flipped & crushed under debris of all kinds, large piles of rubble alongside a mostly intact playground. For most of the team it was their first experience to witness such a disaster and see how it affects the buildings, homes and other structures, not to mention those who have survived such an ordeal. While they were in Moore they were able to reconnect with one of the distribution centers and collect more supplies. Buckets, wheel burrows, tools and basic camping supplies are a high commodity as people try to clean up and make temporary homes on their land. They were able to find some of those items, along with whatever kitchen and cooking supplies were available. They were also able to talk with more of the volunteers at the centre and encourage them in their work.

Vitaliy assessing the damage

In the afternoon they headed back to the church where they split into two teams again. Two stayed behind to do some logistics, whilst the other three spent the afternoon serving another couple of a large property that had heaps of fallen trees and debris that needed clearing. So our guys joined a team of over 100 volunteers who worked hard cutting, clearing and cleaning up. (Dave got to use a chainsaw for a while and that made him very happy). The couple were extremely blessed to have an army of happy willing helpers take the burden of cleaning up off their hands. It turns out that these people didn’t really know their neighbours or have much connection with them until this tragedy and it had now brought them together. Even so much that towards the end of the day they all came together to pray with some of the volunteers. Apart from the clean up our team was continuing to help supervise the health and safety of volunteers. Going around to everyone and making sure they were ok, hydrated and doing some wound care. They also took the time to be with the locals affected by the disaster, hearing their stories and listening to their concerns and encouraging them where they could.

Please continue to pray for the team. Pray for finances as that’s a continued big need in the team at the moment. If you would like to help you can donate via the link below

Many thanks!!!