About RescueNet US

We are an International Emergency Disaster Response Team.

We Assist disaster victims with skills in:
   • Search and Rescue
   • Emergency Medicine
   • Trauma Counseling
   • Fire Suppression
   • Refugee Reception

We are ALL Volunteer

Each member of the team pays for their own training, gear and deployment costs.

We help in developing nations - those that need it the most.

We have been to disasters around the world, including:
   • Central America (Hurricane Mitch)
   • Iraq (assisting with those wounded in the aftermath of the war.)
   • Philippines (typhoons/mudslides)
   • Pakistan (2005 Earthquake)
   • New York City (9/11)
   • Indonesia (2004 Tsunami)
   • Samoa (2009 Tsunami)
   • Indonesia (2009 Tsunami)
   • Haiti (2010 Earthquake)
   • Oklahoma (2013 Tornados)
   • Philippines (2013 Typhoon)